Writing workshop: First meeting


Hey everyone…This post should have been written months ago…I’m so sorry it’s uploaded just now!

To put an end to our theme “first meeting and love at first sight”, we wrote something in groups of two. We had to imagine characters meeting for the first time. This story is actually greatly inspired by a fiction from Tina, (Check out her blog here!) my teammate for this task, called “Blood Diamond“. We kept the same storyline but we changed a few details here and there… So here it is, enjoy! ; )

Eyline Olsen is a sixteen year old orphan. One day, her godmother disappears leaving behind a name : “Lowland” and a phone number. Eyline ends up in some huge manor in London where she meets Jewel, Michaël and Eleanor who work as employees there. However, she still hasn’t met any of the Lowland’s family members.

Another rainy day in London… Eyline sighted. Everything looked the same: the sky was grey and only the sound of raindrops falling on the ground disturbed the deep and heavy silence in the manor. How many days would she have to stay here? She felt as if her life was passing by, as if time was slowly fading away… Boring. The appropriate word was “Boring”. She turned away from the window and wandered around. She climbed to the second floor and was heading to her room when something caught her eye: a door, an open door. She was about to get in when she felt a presence behind her. Carefully, she turned around, just in time to see what looked like a shadow. She must have dreamt, there are no strangers here! Shaking away the thoughts in her head, she took a timid step into the library . The first thing she noticed in this dark and old room was two shining emeralds. She then realized it was someone’s eyes, incredible deep green eyes. A strange thought came across her mind: Even thought she had never seen such a particular eye color before, it looked very familiar. Suddenly, she was assaulted by memories and sounds. Bright colors were flashing through her mind, voices of the past were mixing up in her brain. She started to feel unwell, it wasn’t normal, these memories did not belong to her…This past was not hers. But, the strangest thing of all is that she felt connected to him, in a way she had never been with anyone before. They had already met, but not there, not now. He then stood out of the darkness and Eyline’s heart stopped beating at once. Not only was he stunning but he was one of those people who had this powerful and terrifying aura. Michaël’s words popped out into her mind: “He’s what they would call handsome but his heart is as hard as a stone and he’s a real jerk. Don’t fall for him!” Eyline could see his long blond hair tied up in his back. He was rather tall and his skin was way paler than hers. He was a complete mystery, dark and compelling at the same time.

-“It would be best if you left” he said.

-…What? I…I don’t understand… Eyline replied

-Get out of here! You have no right to be here and you are certainly not welcome either! Get out of here or I’m afraid you’ll regret it…”

Eyline ran away. What else could she have done?

That’s it for today! Hope you liked it, don’t forget to leave a comment! ; )

(picture credit: Vanth Mithra deviantart – no copyright infringement intended; for educational purposes)

Jane Eyre’s story

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This post should have been written a long time ago but I just kept delaying it so here it comes at last!^^

So…A few weeks ago, my class went to see the movie Jane Eyre (2012) . Since I was sick that day, I saw it a few days later with my mom ( Yup, she just loves those kinds of movies!). It was a bit spooky from time to time: for example when the hidden wife who was imprisoned in a secret cell got out at night to bite some guy or to put fire to the house… Anyway, on a rainy day at school, the teacher asked us to do a writing on the following subject: “Jane Eyre is now a grandmother and her grandchildren ask her how she met their grandfather”. Doesn’t look like it but it was quite difficult, there was not much inspiration at first…I ended up with a great mark so I thought I could share it on the blog:

-“Well…It was a very long time ago. I was nineteen years old back then. However, I still remember the rain, brutally falling on the ground and the mansion’s shadow in the night. I had been called to be a young girl’s governess. The home, from the inside looked very ancient and beautiful. I had never seen such a thing before! That’s when, for the first time I met your Grand-pa. A very strange man we could say. He had just come home from Europe. He was mysterious and intimidating. At first, I did not like him much but gradually, he took over my heart. It wasn’t that easy to admit it; you see, he was a wealthy man while I was just a poor country woman. I tried to hide my feelings for him while I was teaching his pupil.  I suffered a lot during this period and my heart was convinced we would marry some fancy young lady who was said to be his future fiance. Surprisingly, your grand-pa, who had been one of my good friends asked my hand on a summer morning. The following weeks were filled with happiness and joy.  During entire afternoons, we would walk in the fields, under the trees, I would draw him and we would talk for hours. Our love was passionate and true in every way. It felt like a dream, one of those fairy tales I would read with Helen at night when we were hiding from this horrible woman. Life was magical and the future seemed brighter than ever. The day of our wedding, the old house-keeper who was a very brave lady dressed me up in a white silk dress. At that moment, the memories I had from your Grand-pa rushed back into my mind.  I remembered his dark looking eyes on our first meeting, his somewhat grumpy manners and his mysterious questions. He had asked me what my life’s tragedy was and were my sketches came from. He was a very inquisitive man you know!  I would never have thought we would become husband and wife. Regretfully, he was also a man full of secrets, dark secrets he kept locked up… Because of them, we did not get married. I ran away shortly after that, not that I didn’t love him, but because of the pain wich was excruciating. Everything had become too painful and my trust in him was broken! I stayed a few years in a village near your Grand-pa’s domain  and always remained faithful to him. The scars the sadness caused took time to heal… My memories and feelings never stood quiet and loneliness was breaking my heart. In my dreams, this rainy night would come up, the light of spring and our smiles would haunt my heart. I believe Leslie, that in this world, soul mates exist. The love and passion between them can never be put off and survives to every obstacle. Edward was truly my soul mate, my life had to be with him and no one else. When I came back by his side, even thought he had lost his sight in a terrible fire, I realized my love for him had never left my heart. We never left each other since that day and love has filled every year with happiness and joy.”

The end! That was Jane Eyre’s full story in a few lines…Hope you liked it! : )

(picture credit: Mapvee deviantart – no copyright infringement intended; for educational purposes)