England during the Victorian era

queen_victoria_by_rafkinswarning-d34xliyHey everyone!

After the Elizabethan era, here’s an article about the Victorian era…

This period begins in 1837 and ends in 1901. It corresponds to queen Victoria’s reign. During this era, the world witnessed numerous changes. Great Britain became the world’s most powerful nation.

Many political changes occurred: The French revolution of 1789 has had a great impact on other countries and in the 1830s, the citizen’s rights in Great Britain were extended, a revolution occurred in Spain, slavery became illegal among the British colonies, Italy celebrated the crowning of its first king and the US civil war began. However, the British governors believed in their political system which spread through the nations. This era was quite peaceful (Victorians thought it was the key to prosperity) except from 1854 to 1856, during the Crimean war.

By 1882, England had built a huge empire and queen Victoria was called : “the queen empress”. A quarter of the world’s population was part of this empire. Missionaries and Christians were sent there to convert the Peoples.

England’s economic status was solid and London became the financial capital of the world.

When Victoria was crowned queen, the industrial revolution (1800-1840) had just begun and there was a rapid economic growth. England drastically transformed into a new place, similar to the one Dickens described in his novels, struggling with child labor, poverty, diseases…Machines were used, railways were built…etc. everything had to be faster (you know what they say: time is money!). Social gaps were still very wide and different casts didn’t “mix”.

Some scientific progresses were also made in Europe: The first computer was invented in 1842 by Charles Babbage (English) and photography was created three years earlier by Daguerre (France)…This era is characterized by its incredible progresses in science, communication, technologies, medicine…etc. . In 1842, the electric telegraph is invented by Cooke and Wheatstone (English). Vaccines were also invented.

For all the curious fellas, here’s a BBC video, very well made about queen Victoria ! : )

Have a nice week end!

(picture credit: Rafkins-Warning deviantart – no copyright infringement intended; for educational purposes)

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