A little bit about Dickens…


Hey everyone! Here’s a little post to cheer you up! ; )

Through the ages, writers have had a great influence on their society: For example, Jane Austen denounced the hypocrisy in society and fought for the rights of women. She believed they could gain the same freedom as men. Oscar Wilde, Margaret Mitchell and George Orwell have also used literature to pass a message or an opinion…

Among all those writers, we have Charles Dickens, the “English Victor Hugo”! This British author lived in the 19th century from 1812 to 1870. He was born in Port-smith were he spent an idyllic childhood and when he was ten, he moved to London with his family. But the London from the 19th century was nothing like the beautiful one we have today! Indeed, everything happened during the industrial revolution so the city was dark, poor, dirty, full of workers, peasants looking for a job and factories… Such a vision dragged Dickens out of his comfortable and steady life. He, who was passionate about acting and writing became a victim of child labor and used to spent days in a small factory he despised. His father was crawling under debts and had to pay them off in prison.  This  traumatized the novelist who used to be a very lively and curious kid with a great imagination. Later on, he “used” this experience to build up new characters, situations and story lines. That’s why some say that each novel has an autobiographic part…

The main themes in his novels are: Child labor, social injustice, prisoner’s conditions in jail, poverty, social gaps…

Famous novels from this author: Oliver Twist, David Copperfield, A Christmas carol, Bleak House, A tale of two cities, Great expectations…

His stories, which first seemed quite innocent, were actually a way to denounce the flaws of his century. His literature has inspired not only his own society but also ours and many others…

(picture credit: Rose-Colligan deviantart – no copyright infringement intended; for educational purposes)

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