Love in cinema and literature part 1…(to be continued)

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My question today is “what’s love like in cinema and literature?” Our homework for the 14th December was to talk about the first meeting between two people who eventually end up as lovers. That day, four of us (if I remember correctly) went to the board and talked about the extract they had chosen. As we all know, love stories are sometimes incredibly different but also strikingly similar! But…is there a specific scheme for love stories? Are writers relying on their imagination or do they follow some kind of plan plan?

Sleepless in Seattle: (trailer here!):

“Sleepless in Seattle” is a 1993 american romantic comedy starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. It was a very successful movie and won three awards.

Annie is a journalist that lives in Baltimore. One night, when listening to the radio, she hears the story of a man, broken-hearted after his wife’s death. His name is Sam Baldwin. She listens to his every word with great interest and falls in love with him. Crazy isn’t it? She finally wrote  him a letter asking to meet him at the top of the Empire State Building on Valentine’s day (Small problem, she is engaged!). Sam’s son, Jonah, finds her letter and despite of  his father’s strong disagreement, he sends back a positive answer to Annie. Later on and after many twists, she decides to break off her engagement and meets Sam and Jonah on the top of the Empire State Building. We here can see a strong allusion to the movie “an affair to remember” (1957).

The extract shows Annie meeting Sam and Jonah for the first time (well…It’s the first time knowing who’s who). Annie has a backpack and a teddy bear in her hand. Her and Sam exchange smiles and glances while the kid is overjoyed with the situation. They both look bewitched by the other; they have found their “special someone”. A few moments later, they leave the building, holding hands.

The Vampire diaries: (tv show; trailer here!)

Based on L.J Smith’s books, the tv-show was launched  in 2009 starring Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley. It’s very popular in the US, France, the UK…

This one provoked a quite epic debate. I don’t really know how but right from the start, Twilight was involved in the conversation! We compared the books and movies trying to convince our teacher that “Vampire diaries” was better. (If you ask for my opinion, I’m not into those kind of stories anymore…) So…for the few ones who aren’t familiar with the plot: it’s a story involving vampires, witches, werewolves, hybrids…well, it’s the typical teen supernatural tv show! It talks about Elena, a girl living in Mystic Falls. After loosing both of her parents in a car accident, she tries to live a life as normal as possible. At school, she meets Stefan, a mysterious guy who turns out to be a vampire. He also has a brother: Damon, who vowed to ruin his life and develops an uncommon interest towards Elena. Moreover she looks exactly like Katherine, a girl loved by both brothers a hundred and fifty years ago. From that point on, a love triangle between Elena, Stefan and Damon takes place. The fourth season is currently airing and the story is now very complicated. If you have missed an episode or worse, a whole season, it will be very difficult to catch up!

The extract shows Elena and Stefan meeting for the first time. The scene takes place at school. Elena had to follow her brother to the boys bathroom to keep him from taking drugs. When she gets out, she bumps into Stefan and it’s love at first sight. Unable to give a coherent explanation regarding her presence in such a place, she leaves a bit embarrassed and completely dazzled by his gaze.

Bridget Jones’s Diary: (Movie; Trailer here!)

Based on a novel written by Helen Fielding, the movie is a 2001 british romantic comedy starring Renée Zellweger, Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. It’s also a parody of “Pride and Prejudice”…

It’s about a woman named Bridget Jones in her mid-thirties. After some upsetting events, she decides to take control of her life and starts a journal. She writes about her misadventures, love life and  struggles…. A love triangle between Bridget, Daniel (her boss) and Marc appears.

In this extract, Bridget is at a party where she meets a childhood friend: Mark Darcy. After being hurt by his comments about her looks and manners, she develops hatred towards him and considers him as rude and arrogant. Mark Darcy also has a very negative opinion of her: he finds her boring, old-fashioned and stupid (not exactly love at first sight!). Bridget -who’s dressed in clothes her mom picked out for her- is clueless when it comes to love and completely tactless. When she comes back to London, she is convinced her life has to change.

Love actually: (trailer here!)

It’s a 2003 British romantic Christmas comedy starring Hugh Grant, Liam Neeson, Colin Firth, Laura Linney, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Keira Knightley, Martine McCutcheon, Bill Nighy and Rowan Atkinson. The movie was nominated many times and won nine awards.

“Love actually” talks about ten love stories during the Christmas period. They all unfold on Christmas eve. Each story is very different and they all show various situations in life when it comes to love. All the characters are related to each other: some are neighbours, friends, brothers….

The extract comes from Nathalie and David’s story. David is England’s new Prime minister. While greeting his household staff, he meets Nathalie, an employee. Their conservation is pretty akward…Quite a lot of swearing in such a short time! But David doesn’t really mind, he’s surprised by her personality; she caught his attention…

That’s it for now! The next part will be posted very soon… : )

(picture credit: Palnk deviantart – no copyright infringement intended; for educational purposes)

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