A love in the 60s…

Hello ! : )

Here’s a quick blog to sum up yesterday’s class!

After Romeo and Juliet it’s… Harriet and David from the “Fifth child”!(Read the extract!) Those two meet at an office party and seem to both be very special and “old fashioned”. The scene takes place in the sixties. The Hippy lifestyle replaced the conservative values. Freedom and liberty of expression are in every mind…well, almost. You see Harriet and David are very different and they know it. They don’t dance or dress in bright colours, they don’t sleep around or party… Anyway, they are both very much alike and it’s love at first sight! They are perfect for each other! Within a couple of month, Harriet moves in David’s appartement and they get married… I personally prefered Romeo and Juliet; I don’t really know why but I’m not incredibly fond of the characters and the magic, true love’s magic is a bit missing. Doris Lessing (the author) is a great writer so reading her book (well, at least the very beginning) is still very pleasant! I’m so curious about the outcome of the situation!…I think I’m going to buy the book during Christmas Holidays…. ^^

P.S: Talking about Christmas…It’s in exactly a month now!!! I should probably start decorating my tree…

(picture credit: Awesome Vince deviantart – no copyright infringement intended; for educational purposes)

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