Introduction to the Elizabethan age

On the 5th October, we presented exposés and sketches on the Elizabethan era.

The class was divided in small groups of three and each group had a specific subject (The Globe theater; the life in the 16th century; Shakespeare…).

I paired up with Paloma and Solène. We chose “The life in the 16th century”. While Solène looked up the web for information, Paloma and I wrote a sketch. It was an interview between a journalist and a peasant woman from the 16th century…Yes, she was raised from the dead! The woman talked about her daily life, her family and -of course- about the queen: Elizabeth 1st! Even thought we were a bit nervous in front of the class, it turned out well. : )

As for Solène’s exposé, you can read it here: Life in Elizabethan era

Several sketches (very original ones!) were played and a few exposés were presented to the class. You can take a look at them by clicking here: Francis Drake, SHAKESPEARE, The Globe Theatre, Women in the 16th century. A friend decided to make a short manga out of her group’s sketch, you can check it out here: The Globe Theater sketch (made by Youna)

Enjoy! ; )

(picture credit: Meluseena deviantart – no copyright infringement intended; for educational purposes)

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