The profile of a reader…

When I was smaller, reading was the worst thing I could think of…It was boring! I was running away from libraries and librarians! (They seemed very scary back then!) However, one day, I found a big book about a nice witch’s adventures. It was big but the cover was pretty. I can still see myself reading this book over and over again in my bed. I would follow this strange lady to Paris, Venice and into the castle…

For the first time, I was overwhelmed by an exciting and wonderful feeling; the pictures were coming to life as my eyes read sentence after sentence. Ever since, I have been eager to read new stories, filled with fairies, magic, monsters and princesses. From Harry potter to the Grimm sisters passing by Narnia…It was my favorite hiding place! Later, I discovered biographies and was very surprised, it was different but it brought me something new…I still loved fantasy and fantastic literature but I wanted to see something else, something with a deeper meaning. Somehow, I grew up with books and they grew up with me. (Though even today, I am still a huge fan of Dickens and Grimm!)

I believe that for every book you read, a piece of yourself is given away and reading over and over again a book makes this sort of “good old time” feeling… I try to read every day, whether it’s my Bible or a novel; I find it important to entertain this ability. One of my favorite authors is C.S. Lewis (mainly for his chronicles of Narnia…Can you imagine how much imagination it requires?) but I also really appreciate Leslie Ludy and books written by missionaries or survivors.

I think my favorite place and time to read is during a storm on my bed…it’s very peaceful! I sometimes put an old song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers : ” Under the bridge”. Well…I guess that’s all! ; )

(picture credit: Mar-ka deviantart – no copyright infringement intended; for educational purposes)

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