The profile of a reader…

When I was smaller, reading was the worst thing I could think of…It was boring! I was running away from libraries and librarians! (They seemed very scary back then!) However, one day, I found a big book about a nice witch’s adventures. It was big but the cover was pretty. I can still see myself reading this book over and over again in my bed. I would follow this strange lady to Paris, Venice and into the castle…

For the first time, I was overwhelmed by an exciting and wonderful feeling; the pictures were coming to life as my eyes read sentence after sentence. Ever since, I have been eager to read new stories, filled with fairies, magic, monsters and princesses. From Harry potter to the Grimm sisters passing by Narnia…It was my favorite hiding place! Later, I discovered biographies and was very surprised, it was different but it brought me something new…I still loved fantasy and fantastic literature but I wanted to see something else, something with a deeper meaning. Somehow, I grew up with books and they grew up with me. (Though even today, I am still a huge fan of Dickens and Grimm!)

I believe that for every book you read, a piece of yourself is given away and reading over and over again a book makes this sort of “good old time” feeling… I try to read every day, whether it’s my Bible or a novel; I find it important to entertain this ability. One of my favorite authors is C.S. Lewis (mainly for his chronicles of Narnia…Can you imagine how much imagination it requires?) but I also really appreciate books written by missionaries or survivors.

I think my favorite place and time to read is during a storm on my bed…it’s very peaceful! I sometimes put an old song of the Red Hot Chili Peppers : ” Under the bridge”. Well…I guess that’s all! ; )


2 thoughts on “The profile of a reader…

  1. Okay, first of all, I’m french not english. So are you I think but I’m not 100% sure so I’ll keep on with english. Sorry for the possible (probable) mistakes !
    I don’t have anything really intersting to say but still : I think you’re super cool ! And so is your blog. 🙂
    Your studies seem really intersting !
    Good luck,

    • Hey Constance, thanks for your comment, it’s really sweet! 🙂
      En effet, tu ne t’es pas trompée, je suis française, ce blog avait été fait pour mon cours de littérature anglaise au lycée…Je suis depuis en classe prépa et les cours de littérature anglaise sont encore plus intéressants!
      Quand j’aurais de nouveau une vie et du temps, j’essaierais sans doute de faire une petite mise à jour, ça fais quelques temps que je n’ai rien écrit….
      And your english isn’t bad at all! 😉

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